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We aim to provide everyone with a great tattoo experience.

Luckily we have a team of warm hearted artists, apprentices and a floormanager to set the tone for a warm welcome and stay with us during your tattoo session.

To keep up the good vibes in our humble home of creativity we have set some house rules based on our morals.








We prefer to handle bookings through email, the appointment forms on our website or trough a consultation in the studio. This way we have a clear overview of your wishes and are able to inform you accordingly, check schedules and book you with the best suitable artist. We aim to reply to all inquiries as soon as possible, in most cases within a day. However due to high demand and having to discuss your wishes with the artist in question it may take a few days to get back to you. We ask for your understanding as we only want the best for you. Tattoos are permanent, therefore not a hasty business.

Quality requires patience.


To solidify the appointment we ask for a deposit. This deposit will be deducted from the total on the day of the session. The purpose of the deposit is to ensure the appointment will be fulfilled, so that the time of the artist is not wasted. Its not only a prepayment for the time reserved for the day of the session but also covers the time spent preparing for the appointment. This obviously means that under no circumstances a deposit will be refunded, as it covers costs already made on our part.

Deposit will be void if:  Cancelation occurs more than twice, thus the third time a new deposit will be required.

No show; you don't show up for your appointment. you will be black listed.


We all get inspired by something we've seen and now want to get, however as artists we take pride in our work and respect that of others. Therefore we will never copy a reference you might have. We will of course always stay as close to your original idea as possible and create something similar yet unique just for you. 

Although each artist has their own preference as to how the like to work, in most cases designs will not be shared through email etc but shown and discussed the day of the appointment. Any adjustments can then be made together. 


On the day of your appointment we ask you to come alone. You're in this together with your artist! Of course, if you want to bring someone for a second opinion they're welcome to come along for the viewing of the design. Or even stick around for a stencil check, however remaining in the ground floor waiting area with a cup of tea or coffee whilst you and your artist prepare the stencil. 

Plus ones however are not allowed in the tattoo areas, nor are animals or children. This is not only for safety reasons but also to prevent over crowding and distractions for the artists at work as well as the clients.



We have coffee & thee, blankets and pillows to make you as comfortable as we can! Other than this, make sure you eat and sleep well prior to your appointment. Feel free to bring soft drinks, sweets and food for big project or longer sessions especially.

And you are good to go!


NOTE: please consult your artist before using numbing creams.


We will provide you with after care instructions on the day of your appointment. And depending on the artist and your personal preferences we have two different ways of wrapping your new tattoo after the session. 

We will explain the options on the day of as well as the after care products we recommend you to use and have in house for you.

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